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Star RV - Exploring is style - RV Rental and Motorhome Hire in Australia, New Zealand and the United StatesStar RV - USA
Exploring is style

Recreational Vehicles in North America

We are proud to offer you a fleet of luxurious motorhomes for your next holiday in the USA. Built by passionate craftsmen to the highest standard, Star RV guarantee that all vehicles are less than 12 months old. Enjoy the independence of RV travel as you explore the most wonderful places the USA has to offer.

We look forward to greeting you. As a member of the Apollo Motorhome Holidays family – the largest privately-owned and operated RV company in the world – Star RV guarantee the highest levels of quality and service when you choose Star RV for your next holiday in the USA; a trusted name backed by 30 years of experience in motorhome travel.

Star RV - RV Rental and Motorhome Hire in the United States

12 Month Guarantee

The Star RV universe is fuelled by an absolute passion for the RV'ing lifestyle and an unrivalled dedication to its customers. This has resulted in the Star RV 12 month Guarantee. Star RV is the only RV rental company to guarantee that its entire fleet is less than 12 months old. Promising a newer vehicle means Star RV customers can enjoy the latest in design, technology and reliability, delivering a superior and safer holiday experience.


From start to finish we consider your needs as our highest priority. This is why we offer our 5-Point Service Star.

  • Complimentary valet service.
  • Complimentary linen cleaning.
  • Taxi Fare from the nearest Airport reimbursed up to USD 35 for Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Denver, and USD 70 for San Francisco on the day of pick-up (receipt must be presented for reimbursement).
  • Expedited vehicle pick up with online registration.
  • Expedited vehicle return with a simple key drop facility.

Together with all these benefits we also offer piece of mind with access to our 24 hour, free call, guest service line.


Star RV's quality fittings and design features enable clients to explore Australia, New Zealand and America in comfort and style. Flat-screen TVs, DVD players and iPod docking stations all come standard with Star RV vehicles. Each vehicle type has its own unique and inventive design elements, from slide out sections, large awnings and spacious interior. These are just a few examples of how Star RV’s intuitive designs ensure the guest’s comfort and convenience on their self-drive holiday.

Star RV - RV Rental and Motorhome Hire in the United States


Star RV is the newest member of Apollo Motorhome Holidays, the largest privately owned recreational vehicle operator in the world. Star RV is proud of its Apollo heritage and rightly so, for without a great past, there cannot be a sparkling future.

The Star RV fleet:

Reservations are essential. Everything you need to know about rental terms and
conditions is explained in the Star RV Rental Conditions.

Star RV - RV Rental and Motorhome Hire in the United States

You will find Star RV Rental Stations conveniently located throughout the Western United States. Campervans and Motorhomes can be picked-up near major international airports and tourist centers in:


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